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The Child PTSD Symptom Scale (CPSS)

A resource from the US Department of Veteran Affairs

The CPSS is a 26-item self-report measure that assesses PTSD diagnostic criteria and symptom severity in children ages 8 to 18. It includes 2 event items, 17 symptom items, and 7 functional impairment items. Symptom items are rated on a 4-point frequency scale (0 = "not at all" to 3 = "5 or more times a week"). Functional impairment items are scored as 0 = "absent" or 1 = "present". The CPSS yields a total symptom severity scale score (ranging from 0 to 51) and a total severity-of-impairment score (ranging from 0 to 7). Scores can also be calculated for each of the three PTSD symptom clusters (i.e., B, C, and D).