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Building Resilience in response to the Eagle Creek Fire

Environmental disasters can effect communities for years after the event is over but the level of resilience in the community can help curb negative impacts. 

Join us for a free community event to process stress and build resilience skills that encourage community growth and healing in response to the adversity of the Eagle Creek Fire.  

We'll be on the 3rd floor of CGCC Indian Creek Campus Main Building. Doors open at 11:30am and sessions start at 12pm. 

For adults - Come learn about how human brains respond to stress and the effect on day-to-day life, dive into the science of how human bodies developed the process of breathing and practice functional breath, get new skills and knowledge to be present and purposeful in times of stress, create your own piece of art as a way to process stress, and participate in group discussions to identify actions you can take to help yourself and the community grow out of and recover from the experience of the Eagle Creek Fire. 

For kids - Process the stress and adversity associated with the Eagle Creek Fire through activities such as art, movement, and social-emotional learning. Appropriate for school aged children. 

The event is FREE to Columbia River Gorge residents!

For full agenda and workshop descriptions see documents provided. 

Sponsored by Mid-Columbia Center for Living, the Resilience Network of the Gorge, the MARC Grant, and supporting volunteers. 

Please note - This event is a space free of blame, shame, or judgement for all people, whether present or not present.