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Pink rose in snow

It’s December 8th, 2016 and the apparent beginning of a “snowpocalypse” as winter storm CALY passes over the pacific northwest.  There are over fifteen rose plants in my front yard and as the snow accumulates there is one tenacious flower standing out pink in all the snow. 

The White House

Much of our nation has been rocked recently in the wake of the election.  There are intense emotions being felt throughout our community and our nation on both sides of the political aisle.  

Help yourself written on paper plate

When we talk about self-care, what do we mean? And how do we practice self-care in our professional lives?

Is it Monday already?

Work-life balance, living wages, self-care, emotionally safe working environment … what do these things have in common? 

I want to live in a safe community. I want justice, for people to be treated fairly, and to have a justice workforce and system that is well supported by the community. I so want life to be fair, but unfortunately, I know it isn't. 

Question mark in the clouds

I've been asking questions about the justice system. I appreciate, as we all should, the people who serve us; our sheriffs, police, judges, prosecutors, court-appointed attorneys.