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bananas on display at grocery store

Grocery stores are interesting places. For some people, it might be the only interaction they have, face-to-face, with the outside world on a given day.  For others, it might just be a pit stop among many face-to-face social interactions. It’s also a place with people in different states of emotions – some laid back and others in a rush, some focused and others jovially engaging in conversation. 

Grow spelled out in Scrabble letters on grass

Growing isn’t always comfortable, just ask any human that’s passed through the ages of one to 16 years, which is a lot of humans.  Growth spurts can be awkward and uncomfortable, plagued with lots of sleeping, eating, hormone changes, and behavior changes.  Humans change in size and shape, some once and done and others over a longer period of time where clothes fit one week and not the next.

awkward text

We’ve all been there; that moment after you’ve blazed down the long, fiery path of fighting back against persecution only to realize you maybe…probably…well yeah, you were in the wrong. 

Two adult coaches with kids basketball team

To begin, I want to explore the meaning of coach.  A coach could be a wonderfully supportive and inspiring mentor who offers the gift of guidance along your path of development. Conversely, a coach could be someone with a position of power over you, who intimidates and influences your decisions with their own interests in mind.  

man at prow of boat

It’s a common theme throughout folk tales and hit movies – one person (or a few) sacrifice everything to save the day, to rescue others.

Child climbing tree

Words, as we speak them, can mean different things to different people based in our past experiences. What we say, how we say it, our intentions behind it - all the “unspoken/nonverbal” influence that affects our communication - wow, this can be tricky! 

Man with bionoculars

One of the first steps in making the shift from the Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT) to The Empowerment Dynamic (TED) is simply bringing an awareness to your interactions. Once you become aware you can begin to identify the triangle and different roles. Start to look for patterns.  

Stick man on hamster wheel

For many of us, the Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT) is all too familiar.  It can be enlightening to learn about but at the same time frustrating to try and shift to The Empowerment Dynamic (TED).  

Backpacker overlooking a valley at sunset

The minute I learned about The Drama Triangle, first described by Stephen Karman, MD, I could see it everywhere in my life. I can confidently say I’ve played every role, though I never really enjoyed the part. 

Hurd and ORourke in car

Two congressmen from Texas, one a Democrat the other a Republican, got into a car in the early morning hours of March 15, 2017 to begin a 1,600-mile road-trip to Washington, D.C.  Their deadline – a House floor vote, 6pm Wednesday evening.  In true modern day fashion, they decided to share the experience via social media, livestreaming their adventure on Facebook.