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So hopefully you found the newsletter from this month (January 2019) somewhat helpful in better understanding what is trauma informed practices (TIPs). Keep in mind when you’re out in the big wide world, or searching for information on the internet, that TIPs is more commonly referred to as trauma informed care, or TIC. 

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Sometimes we do or say things that we wish we hadn’t. While we may experience some regret, we know that these poorly-executed actions and words are not “us”. They are simply actions and words. We hope to be forgiven 

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While growing up, I had many names; crazy, lazy, hyper, slow learner, and also Rebekah.  I was born into a poor, large, single parent family made up of individuals with varying mental illnesses at different degrees of severity

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I can think of many times I’ve faced crucial conversations. Sometimes I swept them under the rug; if I put my head in the sand nothing is happening right? Sometimes I faced them and handled them very poorly. 

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A huge strength in social learning is the knowledge of the group – many brains have a lot more information than just one. But not all people are the same, and that’s good. We need people who think and approach things differently 

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I will be the first to admit it, I hate making mistakes. My mother always told me “hate” was a very strong word. Well I really hate making mistakes. Why are mistakes such a big deal?

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When two people are having a conversation, it can often look like the person talking is the one actively “doing” something, while the listener is passive and not really “doing” anything. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! I think of listening as a skill that you can hone with practice, 

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If you’ve been lucky enough to spend time around dogs (clearly, I’m biased and love dogs) then you’re likely familiar with the “play bow.” Just like the picture above this looks like shoulders down, hind up, and often some tail wagging. Now, I don’t speak dog, but I know what this means. It’s time to play! 

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We all move through periods of life where we experience adversity, and the word itself can mean a lot of things.  In my work as an advocate for survivors of domestic and sexual violence, I witness people experiencing the adversity of acute trauma as well as the murkier, omnipresent adversity of systemic oppression.  


Have you ever been to the doctor and felt like you weren’t quite heard? Maybe you felt like a little kid listening to a parent or teacher tell you what you needed to do? I certainly have.