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kids eating lunch

In Boca Raton, Florida, a high school senior created the club "We Dine Together" so that no student had to eat lunch alone.  Their mission is to build relationships over the table. 

Paramedic smiling

Police, firefighters, and emergency responders from across Iowa gathered for a week of training t

Police officer on walkie talkie

In Madison, Wisconsin, the police department is trying a new approach to combat the high stress nature of a career in law enforcement to support positive mental health and wellbeing to help officers better control their own responses in challenging situations. 

Frustrated child laying in the sand

Parenting can be a challenge.  Parenting with a history of personal adversity and trauma can be even more challening.

Profile shot of a woman that is sad

The story of one woman's lifelong struggle with negative health issues and the turning point she experienced when a Nurse Practitioner asked about her experiences of trauma and adversity early on in life. 

Brain with blue electricity

This article dives into the seven ways trauma and adversity can affect a child's developing brain and some of the negative outcomes that can result throughout life. 

Young girl in school eating lunch while wearing a yellow shirt.

How can we create school environments where staff and students are happy and academic performance and attendance is high?

Kids playing in water park

The New York Times shares the story of one of the 14 Mobilizing Aciton for Resilient Communities (MARC) Grant communities, Walla Walla, WA, and the power of community organizing to make change.