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happy parents with son and daughter

Scientists study genetic influences on parenting.  It is still unknown if the role of genes has a direct impact or indirect impact (i.e. parent personality).

boy hugging happy mother

Studies show that kids with supportive parenting fare better than kids with unsupportive parenting.  Many parents face circumstances and pressures that make supportive parenting difficult and some parents aren't able to give what they haven't received.

girl with horse

Home on the Range has started incorporating ACE's and a trauma-informed approach to treatment with teens.  They have found teens are more apt to open up to animals about their issues and problems because animals are seen as non-judgemental.

kids eating lunch

In Boca Raton, Florida, a high school senior created the club "We Dine Together" so that no student had to eat lunch alone.  Their mission is to build relationships over the table. 

Frustrated child laying in the sand

Parenting can be a challenge.  Parenting with a history of personal adversity and trauma can be even more challening.

Young girl in school eating lunch while wearing a yellow shirt.

How can we create school environments where staff and students are happy and academic performance and attendance is high?

Red door open to long empty hallway

The story of a school in Albany, NY, that changed their approach from "what's wrong with you" to "what happened to you" and how they worked the science of ACEs into their approach to education.  

Cyberbullying collage

In our of online social connection its more and more difficult to protect kids from bullying and abuse. This article talks about the experience of two girls and how we can partner with young people to ensure a safer, healthier online experience.