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blue sky and capitol hill

US Senator Heidi Heitkamp champions the science of ACEs and the impact childhood trauma has on adults.  Understanding ACEs science can have an impact on policies that relate to the criminal justice system, health care, social services and/or edu

Senate in session

Oregon Psychiatrist Maggie Bennington-Davis testified before the Senate Finance Committee on the effects of trauma and adversity on the health of both children and adults.

Prison hallway with open cells and lights on

The path to chronic involvement with the justice system can start early on in life.  A diversion program in South LA is working to provide another option for youth offenders to stem the cradle-to-prison pipeline.  

Schoolyard with students walking around

Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed into law a new bill requiring the Oregon Department of Education and Chief of Education to jointly develop a statewide plan to address chronic student absences.