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This article provides an overview of how to integrate cultural sensitivity into trauma informed practices.  While the article is specific to working with adolescents, the lessons can be adapted to fit any age-range of interaction. 

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This article explains the components to create conditions of healing in vulnerable persons which are:  need for safety, promotion of self-determination and enhancement of postive social connections.

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Helping Traumatized Children Learn, Vol 2 is a resource for educators that provides insight into how trauma impacts how a child learns.  The information has been compiled through the efforts of the Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative (a partnership of Massachusetts Advocates fo

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Pediatrician Dr. Nadine Burke Harris believes there is a correlation be poverty level and health.  Research is beginning to confirm that children exposed to high levels of stress in the home are more prone to chronic health problems later in life.

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Scientists study genetic influences on parenting.  It is still unknown if the role of genes has a direct impact or indirect impact (i.e. parent personality).